Anik Majumder

Anik Majumder

Hi, I'm Anik, an Digital Marketing Expert based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. After completing my higher secondary certificate, I worked as a brand promoter in the event, where I became passionate about marketing philosophy, so I decided to build my career as a marketing professional. Although I started my job career as a salesperson, Day by Day, I became fond of internet marketing. I study a lot online. After that, I started training to prepare myself for digital marketing. I wanted to compete with the world, meet new people, and experience. In 2019, I started working as a digital marketing expert in a well-known e-commerce brand in Bangladesh.

Now, I work remotely and make sure my clients are delighted with the good service. I have a 100% job satisfaction score in Upwork. I have completed 20+ projects with international clients, including the US, UK, Netherland, Spain, Uruguay, Thailand, Singapore, and Australia.


I actively help companies and brands to develop their digital marketing strategies, ensure the websites and applications top positions on search engine result pages, and increase the Click-through rate and social media presence through organic and paid advertisements.

I specialize in SEO, Social media marketing,  and paid advertising. I provide data-driven digital marketing results.



Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Paid Advertising
Graphic Design


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