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An Active PHP Session Was Detected WordPress

Let’s resolve this critical error, “an active php session was detected.” Follow those easy step-by-step process! It shows in your wp-admin at the “Site Health status” that a PHP session has been detected (critical error) Or, If you installed a WordPress plugins called ” Health Check & Troubleshooting” (which was developed by The WordPress.org community), […]

On Page SEO

On Page SEO steps

On-page SEO is the procedure of refining your website and app to strengthen its search engine positioning and attract more prospective visitors. Search engine bots crawl millions of web pages, understand the website’s content, and then index them to show the results for your specific queries. If you follow all the latest on-page seo techniques […]

Structured Data SEO Tips- What & How to Add Easily at WordPress, Shopify, Wix

structural data seo

Nowadays, Google and other search engines rank websites if they find relevant search queries on the content. It doesn’t matter how your website’s domain authority (DA) is and how many backlinks you have. According to my research, Google focuses on appropriate intent searches and takes websites to the SERP features. As a result, All the […]

Fix Shopify Product Schema Errors

shopify product schema errors

I know you are frustrated after searching many web pages and the Shopify community not getting the proper guidelines to fix Shopify Product Schema errors. Don’t worry; if you haven’t used Shopify before, we have provided a to z Shopify product liquid. The Shopify product schema will help you add structured data markup to your […]